damn it feels good to be a lannister

(Actually it's terrible)




The women of Game of Thrones, Art Nouveau style, by artist Elin Jonsson.

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Cersei’s dress reminds me of Elrond’s garment…

"When Shireen Baratheon is queen, Westerosi literacy rates are going to be the fucking highest in the known world you just wait."
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i want a fic about sansa getting married to loras and margaery to renly then when everyone else is asleep margaery and loras high five each other every night when they meet in the corridor whilst changing rooms and they live happily ever after


So, as anyone who knows me from the ASOIAF heyday of this blog, I’m a big fan of Cersei Lannister. Jaime, too, but mostly Cersei. She’s my number 2, my favorite bitch queen. I adore her.

So, yes, I do ship Cersei x Jaime….but not in the “omg so cute otp happily ever after” kind of way. For me, the ship is about what the relationship means for each of the characters individually. 

And, specifically, for Cersei.

Much of Cersei’s storyline is about power - what power she does and doesn’t have, and how she uses it. A major tool of hers (and in turn, a major weapon used against her) has been her sexuality. She uses it to seduce men to do her dirty work for her, but is also a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of those same men.

But then there’s Jaime.

Jaime is the man that she chooses. She thinks to herself that sex had only ever been good with Jaime, because with Jaime, it was purely an act of love. With Jaime she could afford to be vulnerable. With Jaime she knew she was safe.

In the sept scene of the books, she turns to Jaime for comfort, for protection, and he gives it to her. 

When he begins his sexual advances on her, yes, she protests - but only because of the location. She’s worried that they will be seen. She’s worried about the risk. (Because Cersei has *always* been the more circumspect of the two) But Jaime tells her that he doesn’t care about the risk, and she CHOOSES to throw caution to the wind, and in the end SHE is the one who physically guides him inside of her. She tells him YES, that he is HOME, that she has him now.

Cersei rarely shows vulnerability, but with Jaime, she can. With Jaime, she can let down her walls.

Apparently the only way GoT knew how to have Cersei show vulnerability was with a rape scene, rather than a consensual (albeit twisted) sex scene.


game of that didn’t happen in the books


you know I’m sad ned died but at least he didn’t live long enough to be written grossly out of character


daenerys targaryen is everything i aspire to be in life


And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.

  • Littlefinger: What did I tell you about King's Landing?
  • Sansa: "We're all liars here"
  • Littlefinger: Yes well you're perfectly safe here. You're safe with me. I will never hurt you. Please, come with me into my secret boat, which I will definitely use to take you home.
  • Sansa: You literally just reminded me that you are a liar. Like, you JUST had me QUOTE YOU about YOU BEING A LIAR.



can someone tell me why the fuck d&d have made the choice to have margaery ignorant of joffrey’s murder when the whole fucking point is that she helps plan it to protect herself as well as to give her more leverage over her husband (she would have more control over 8 year old tommen than sociopathic 14 year old joffrey) and now she’s acting all bewildered and like she’s cursed



margaery creates her fate margaery is a player she isn’t played there’s real trust and honesty between margaery and olenna and olenna would not act without her consent because that’s what makes them different from the lannisters

what the fuck are d&d doing

 While I agree that Margaery should have more agency in the show given she’s about 26 give or take, I think you’re overestimating how much Margaery knew in the books and her own agency. I think a lot of people do this, and seem to completely forget the fact that Margaery is sixteen in the books and is still learning. Olenna is clearly the one pulling the strings, and it is still up in the air with regards to how much Margaery actually knows. Hell, we don’t even know if she wants to become the queen or if its the wishes of her father.

 All we do know from the books is that Olenna and Littlefinger were in cahoots. We know that they plotted the assassination and we know why, but we don’t know how much Margaery knew about the plot. It is perfectly reasonable to expect that she knew everything, just as it is perfectly reasonable to expect that she didn’t know as much as she leads people to believe, due to the fact that Margaery isn’t some sixteen year old mastermind.

 In fact, it would probably be safer for Margaery if Olenna did not tell her, or did not inform her of everything that she had planned. The less she knew the safer she would be. If the purpose of this assassination was to keep Margaery safe in the lions den, then it would be fitting that she be genuinely ignorant as to her grandmother’s plot.

 I agree that it seems suspect that Margaery in the show would not know, due to the fact that they’ve aged her up and given her very clear agency. She’s definitely a player in how things go in the show. The books, however, are a lot less clear on the matter. We don’t know how much Margaery knows; we don’t know if this is what she wants or if she’s playing along for the sake of her family. All we know is that she’s doing her best to play her role.


Oberyn was ever the viper.